HVAC Contractors Ready to Lower Your Energy Bills

Are you ready to do something about the spiraling gas, oil, or electric bills at your Wisconsin home or business? Gold Star HVACR is here to help you select the right upgrade to your heating and air conditioning system that will help reduce your demand for energy. We are fully licensed HVAC contractors with over 20 years of experience in the business. Give us a call and we can conduct an efficiency audit on your furnace, air conditioner, or roof top units and create a plan of action to optimize performance.

Heating and Air Conditioning Eco-Friendly Options

On older forced hot air heating and air conditioning systems in homes, you might be surprised at the amount of leaks found in your ducting. During your audit, we will clean out the ducts and seal any leaks we can reach in the system. If it is time to retire the old furnace, we can install a high efficiency unit that can lower your energy bill by up to 20%. During the height of the summer, ask us how a dehumidifier can take some of the demand off your AC unit while creating a more comfortable home.

Heating and Cooling Seasonal Service Keeps Your Customers Comfortable

If you own a business or large residential complex in the Madison area, schedule a bi-annual preventative heating and cooling service with us. We will clean out all the housings on your roof top units, identify pumps and fans that are failing, and replace parts before you experience a heat or AC loss. In many instances, we are able to leave an older part on the premises ready to be installed when something fails, further limiting the time without heating or cooling. Is there a room or area of the building that never is as comfortable as the rest? We can suggest the installation of a stand alone unit to complete your HVAC design.

New Builds or HVAC Refits

We are also fully licensed as HVAC/R contractors and available to install complete systems into new construction, for commercial or residential applications. Are you renovating an older commercial or industrial building? Bring us in for an energy audit and we can create a plan to improve the heating and air conditioning in the space using newer technologies with high efficiency. We can also install air purification systems using UV light sticks that help to eliminate germs, mold, and bacteria.

For fast service, give God Star HVACR a call today for all your heating and cooling repairs and maintenance. While we schedule all routine appointments during regular business hours, we are available at any time for emergency calls. Use our phone number to leave a message with our answering service.