Call a Local HVACR Technician a Fix Your Refrigeration Fast

When you operate large refrigeration units for your business, you need to have responsive service when one goes down. Gold Star HVACR is a certified and licensed HVACR repair company able to get your walk-ins, commercial refrigerated rooms, and restaurant equipment up and running in short order. While many HVAC repair places might take a look at your equipment, its really takes specialized training and equipment to do it right. Our HVACR technicians arrive with the training and tools to fix you up today.

Handling HVAC/R Repairs for Restaurants, Commercial, and Industrial Customers

Like your commercial heating and AC units, your supersized refrigeration systems have rooftop condensers and motors. We arrive ready to tackle your HVACR repairs with the right clothing and safety equipment, so that working on your roof is just part of our day at work. We maintain positive relationships with manufacturers of all the most common refrigeration units, so we can get the condenser, seal, or circulating fan replaced before you lose another day of operation.

What is a HVAC/R Repair?

You might find a wealth of HVAC companies out there and they can fix your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They are not licensed, trained, or equipped to tackle refrigeration systems. When you see a business with HVACR in their name, like Gold Star HVACR, you know that we will arrive prepared to get your refrigerators and freezers back on line. While we are at it, we can also handle other HVACR repairs such as heat or AC problems.

Fully Licensed for all Your Refrigeration, Heating, and Cooling Needs

It can be tempting to save a few dollars and have your handyman try to repair the walk-in fridge. However, if you want your HVACR repair to stick, you are better off calling in the pros. All of our HVACR technicians have graduated from accredited training programs and we maintain all the necessary licenses as recommended by state agencies. With one call, you will have the right technician on site to get your freezer, AC units, and heating up and running without delay.

The offices of Gold Star HVACR are in Madison, WI. We schedule routine service calls during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. If you have a refrigeration emergency, give us a ring at any time of the day or night, as we will help you get through the worst of the situation. We have the experience required to handle minor or major repairs for commercial or industrial refrigeration units.