TZALS13 Central Air Conditioning

Thermal Zone air conditioning systems utilize an efficient design and the most reliable components available. Our mission is to provide you with many years of Comfort that is Affordable, Reliable and Efficient.

Thermal Zone Comfort

The latent capacity of an air conditioning system determines how well it can remove humidity from the air in your home. Thermal Zone Systems are designed to have very high latent capacity. With lower humidity levels inside, you can remain cool and comfortable, no matter what is happening outside.

Thermal Zone outdoor units are designed with a direct drive fan & unique grille that produce very low noise levels. This is a feature that you and your neighbors will appreciate.

Smaller dimensions and a neutral paint color allow your Thermal Zone air conditioning unit to blend in with your home’s siding & landscaping.


With easy access panels and standardized parts, you can be sure that servicing your Thermal Zone air conditioning system will be fast and simple,
keeping maintenance costs down to a minimum. Your new Thermal Zone air conditioning system has a 10 Year Limited Warranty on all Parts*, so
that you can enjoy many years of worry free comfort


The Legendary Copeland Scroll Compressor TM, which delivers proven durability and enhanced efficiencies, is at the heart of every Thermal Zone Central Air Conditioning System.

Factory installed thermal expansion valves (standard on matching indoor units) allow your Thermal Zone air conditioning system to continually adapt to conditions inside your home. As a result, you will be more comfortable, and the system does not work any harder than it needs to.

The heavy duty steel cabinet is rated to withstand a 500 hour salt spray test. The cabinet will protect your investment against damage from yard hazards & severe weather, so that it can operate at peak performance.


With efficiency ratings that range from 13 to 16 SEER, Thermal Zone has the system that is perfect for you.

Scroll Compressor
Copper Tube/Enhanced Aluminum Fin
Condenser Coil

Louvered Steel Cabinet

Easy Access Control Box
Vertical Louvers

Simplified Installation
Service Valves Set At 45 Degrees